who killed nepal royal family

It was the night of June 1, 2001, when Narayanhiti Palace, the residence of Nepal King and his family, transformed into the site of a royal bloodbath.


It was surprising that the younger brother of King Birendra, Gyanendra Bur Bikram Shah was outside the alley when the incident occurred on the Friday night of the family gathering.

This is one of the top 10 facts about Nepalese royal massacre. It was no secret that Gyanendra and King Birendra had a turbulent relationship with Gyanendra vying for the throne for quite some time. And King Birendra’s family, the Shahs, had ruled Nepal since 1769 when Prithvi Narayan Shah defeated his rivals and made himself king. This can be coincident but people still question the event. King Gyanendra the new king, was not liked by most people due to his brash behavior.

SPECIALS It was 10 years ago June 1st that, by the official account, Nepal's Crown Prince strode into a royal family gathering, opened fire, and killed nine people — …

The arguments between the king and his son steadily grew every day and created a lot of friction and animosity within the family with the king even threatening to disinherit the prince from the royal throne. "India, which blockaded landlocked Nepal a decade ago to punish it for buying weapons from the Chinese, has again recently accused Nepal of growing too close to China and also of allowing Pakistani agents to operate from its territory.". NEWSLINKS

Was it just a coincidence that Gyanendra just happened to be out of town on the night of the killings? King Birendra has concluded a secret arms purchase with China and wanted to show that Nepal has the sovereignty right to determine its own defense requirements.

He, however, died in the hospital three days later, without recovering from the coma. This remains controversial.

But when they started killing Muslims, this became big news; there was outrage in the 'secular' media. And this is China's modus operandi -- stoke Maoist insurgencies as part of its missionary activity. He might have succeeded, except he contrived to shoot himself in the back of the head.

The yogi regurgitated the curd from his mouth and asked the king to drink it.

Every person killed by the Marxists there is a Hindu, and that is of course not news. And more on what a terrible person King Birendra was: "Birendra inherited from his father a system of partyless rule through rubber-stamp local and regional councils known as panchayats. Dipendra shot and killed his parents, as well as his younger siblings Prince Nirajan and Princess Shruti. Raktakunda is a Nepali novel which clearly declares and puts forward the details behind the Royal massacre. Why was there no post mortem for such a grave event?

Nepal’s King Birendra and his wife Queen Aishwarya were killed in 2001 by the crown prince, who was believed to be drunk. I have noticed that Marxists kill Hindus with no compunctions: for instance this has been going on in Kerala's Kannur district for some time. This is one of the top 10 facts about Nepalese royal massacre. So then who shot him?

The common belief is that either Gyanendra orchestrated the events or it was a political conspiracy.

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However, India’s absence of control of the security related activities might be the reason behind India’s role in the massacre.

A huge number of people suffered injuries during the solemnization event. While it was publicly announced that King Birendra was responsible for the entire incident, the news did not sit well with the people of the nation of Nepal. Then the shootings started. So it's all India's fault. So why not do this in Nepal too, to put even more pressure on India, as part of the continuing Chinese encirclement of India? How can he murder his parents?

In Nepal, the king isn’t just a king.

Those are the questions that have tormented the people of Nepal for nearly 20 years after the murder of their king.

And so the war goes on, for the total annihilation of the only civilization that has withstood the thrust of the Semites for all these centuries. Birendra gave up absolute kingly power in 1990 and agreed to share his leadership with an elected parliament. And The Hindustan Times suggests that the new regent, Gyanendra, is close to the Pakistanis.

This appears rather difficult to do, especially with an assault rifle. If King Dipendra killed everyone using his gun, what was the ADC’s doing during the massacre. How dare she have an opinion on her son's wife-to-be?

I remember reading somewhere recently that there are also massive conversion activities going on in Nepal by both Pakistan and the Christians.

Birendra’s brother Gyanendra became king after the massacre and the death of King Dipendra. The system afforded only the barest facade of democracy and was a constant irritant to the people of Nepal, who saw in it not only unbridled royal privilege but also the source of corruption and the abuse of political power by royal favorites who had no interest in the development of this mountainous country, still one of the poorest in the world.". And the last few months before the murder, the people saw a noticeable change in the behavior of the prince who had become sullener, moody and was seen often in the Western-style bars and cafes of Kathmandu, drinking and smoking hashish.

Piecing together eyewitness accounts and interviews with the surviving royal family members, it was clear that something was deeply wrong within the royal family.

Lessons from History is a platform for writers who share ideas and inspirational stories from world history. Check also: Best 10 Small Business scopes in Nepal. But here is Crossette, a consistent China-lover, instantly asserting that China was not at fault: suspicious, isn't it? He states that the fired the shots that led to the massacre.

Wait, there's more: it is not China, it's India behind this outrage.

King Birendra rejected the Indian proposal for security and water resource management.

This is also one of the top 10 facts about Nepalese royal massacre. After 8 years, a man named TulBahadur Sherchan suddenly came forward to claim that he was responsible for all the aspects of the royal massacre.

T here is something not quite right in the agency reports regarding the mysterious deaths of the royal family of Nepal.

This is a question that still haunts many.

He had the image of an obedient son who can never go against his father.

Did anybody accuse China yet? This version of events, as with earlier private reports of Dipendra's guilty hand, may have convinced some Nepalese that their beloved crown prince … He just declared that the truth would come up in front of the entire nation really soon.

The initial disbelief and shock gave way to suspicion and a lot of conspiracy theories.

The book deducts the declaration that Dipendra killed his parents, siblings, and relatives. And the official cause of the disturbance was a girl whom Prince Dipendra fell in love with. Really? The author states that there were two men, masked as Crown Prince Dipendra.

The Nepalese royal massacre was surely something out of a horror movie that Nepalese people can never forget in the duration of their lives. Scroll below to know about the top 10 facts about the Nepalese royal massacre. Within the palace, a huge number of guards with lethal weapons were deployed. Chakra Bastola, a former minister who was the foreign minister at that time, also has a different account of the activities that took place during the Royal Massacre. These are all part of the general empire-building tactics intended to result in the Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, the only catch being that all the prosperity will belong to China. The matter, however, cooled down after the economic blockade that India declared over Nepal. But Gyanendra’s rule was short-lived as in early 2008, he was forced to abdicate his throne after a referendum where most parties voted to turn the country into a republic, thus ending the Shah dynasty’s rule of more than two centuries. He started during the 13th day of the death of former Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, that Girija was also invited to the event of the Royal Massacre.

I do have theories, but that's for another day. There was no probing into the details of the incident. Check also: Best Paying Jobs in Nepal [Top 15 Jobs in Nepal]. THE STATES And why is that?)

INTERVIEWS First, there is the curious story that the crown prince, Dipendra, having massacred his entire family, then tried to kill himself.

Also, after the Royal Massacre, there was some shooting in Girija’s car.

Also, Dipendra was in a coma for three days and his regular doctor was obstructed from seeing him time and again. Why did not they come out of their rooms once they heard the gunshot sounds?

People protested in several places and four people were killed during the solemnization and crowning o the new king, people were not satisfied with the events that took place and the reasons that were given to the public in regards to the royal massacre.

ARCHIVES One of these days I wish someone would explain to me why the NY Times keeps her on their staff. COLUMNISTS Leaders of Nepal's Congress Party, which was once banned but returned to political leadership a decade ago at the vanguard of the democracy movement, have acknowledged that they had considerable Indian support.

Birendra Shah was a very popular king and unlike other kings earlier he wanted to usher in changes and pave the way for a new prosperous Nepal in line with the modern times. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is surely a suspicious statement that was made to the general public after the Royal Massacre. There was no postmortem of the body and was taken straight away from cremation.

As if the hoi polloi proletariat are running things in America: WASP elite do. Later in the absence of any royal clan alive, Dipendra was crowned as the king while in the hospital where he died three days later. Or did the murders have an earthy, logical explanation? While in a coma, Prince Dipendra, the King’s son, became the de jure King of Nepal. The new doctor was responsible for carrying out the tests and simply declared him dead. REDIFF POLL

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