srm arms model 1216

I only was able to “shoot” this thing in the video game Far Cry 2, but if this is just half as realistic, well, I don’t think you won’t stand a chance with the SRM 1216. Overall, this gun met or exceeded all of my expectations. The sample that I received had no sights or optics attached, but it featured more than enough Picatinny rails, integrated into three sides of the handguard, for one to attach all manner of optics, sights, lights or another tactical must-haves. Privacy Policy   •   Contact Us   •   Warnings   •   FAQs   •  © 2020 National Rifle Association of America, Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinics, Volunteer At The Great American Outdoor Show, Marion P. Hammer Women Of Distinction Award, Women's Wildlife Management / Conservation Scholarship, National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors, NRA Outstanding Achievement Youth Award Presented by Brownells, National Youth Shooting Sports Cooperative Program, Gun Control & Socialism: A Message from Cuba, Mastering the Handgun: A Tried-and-True Method, Browning BAR: A Classic Semi-Auto Rifle That Still Sells, Pistol-Caliber Pairing: Hi-Point's Affordable Firearms, NRA Gun of the Week: Standard Mfg.

This is an Emergency Room gun. Once released, the rotary magazine is pulled down and away from the front to release it from the firearm for reloading. The design is ergonomic and compact especially, considering that it features a detachable magazine with a 16-round capacity. Mags need to hold 7 each not 4, the revolving mags should not have to be physically cycled, not all that impressive when my Russian made Saiga 12 accepts 20 round magazines. How would this compare to the KelTec KSG? The shooter’s support hand here is located far forward ready to engage the dual levers (forward of his thumb) that allow the revolving magazine to be rotated. SRM Arms has stepped up to the plate to take a swing at solving the capacity and reloading problems inherent in a 12-gauge shotgun with its semi-automatic Model 1216. By that, I mean that this is not just another basic gun with a good idea bolted onto it. it’s that simple. "No Doc. And the magazine can’t be topped off while in the gun. Try using the “needs ” arguement for your modes of transport (ie do you need a vehicle that can go over 12o mph. The breacher/flash hider runs $200 the extra mags also $200 each the only downside to what in my opinion is a brilliant design. Guns, I like it! Sorry, doggone voice to text. Whenever I get a gun to test, I always try to put it in the hands of multiple shooters. Ok, just who is going to carry an extra magazine that large? I have observed that the shooting community wants, above all things, absolute perfection at rock bottom prices … and then laments that everything looks the same. Front heavy… Haha perhaps if you started working out more with your non dominate “me” time hand. The SRM Arms SRM-1216 is a buy semi-auto shotgun that packs an amazing punch thanks to the detachable high capacity manually indexing 16 round magazine. The SRM 1216 would get the gauntlet treatment. I would say the effective range is about 30 yards unless you’re firing slugs! SUBSCRIBE. Comments like that make you “the useful idiots” that the Antis’ like to hold up as examples for their Agendas’. I’ll stick with my proven Remington 870. I never felt like they represented a usable and durable package. Mayer left NRA and entered the business end of publishing in 2003 as Advertising Account Executive for Safari Club International SAFARI Magazine and Safari Times newspaper. It’s not really a “bull pup” design. Can you shoot shorts out of it? The "Military Factory" name and logo are registered ® U.S. trademarks protected by all applicable domestic and international intellectual property laws. I at first questioned the execution but was excited to see someone pushing the design envelope in a genuinely innovative way, rather than putting sprinkles on the newest trend. just not sure i heard correctly. Vorgrimler is most attributed to the design of the the roller locked delayed blowback, and never worked for HK. I would have to read my owner’s manual but I believe it’s a straight bore with no available chokes. Unless I missed it, what is it’s range? I am not sure the exact composite of the materials but it appears to be some type of glass fiber reinforced polymer. 1-9. This helps me to garner as much information as I can and has the bonus of allowing me to share the wealth of shooting a new gun. Military & Law enforcement are NOT the only ones who should have these if i WANT one i do not need to justify WHY.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Perhaps the most notable quality of this firearm is the aforementioned magazine consisting of four, spring-loaded tubes holding the shells in a rotary-style arrangement. by NRA Staff - Tactical. Once the release lever has been activated, the magazine can be rotated in either direction based on shooter preference or need. After patiently sitting through my complaints, he asked me “How long do you think it took to de-bug the 1911 you’re carrying right now?” This experience sticks in my mind as a demonstration of the fact that most innovative ideas do not spring from the ground fully formed, and this does not make them bad ideas. I LOVE IT!! Drums fail too! I really doubt the drum mags are as reliable as this system. One drawback to the bullpup design is that it can sometimes leave left-handed shooters at a major disadvantage. Bid Now.

I find a bolt reciprocating towards my face unnerving – just my opinion. But I personally would stick to a USAS-12 or even Spas-12, at least for self-defense close quarters combat. No matter who gets elected anything that fires a projectile will be probably be hard to get. COBRA DERR BIG BORE 38 SPCL BLACK. See more Guns of the Week at Joe- I think you’ve misinterpreted Ram6’s post. All of the shooters liked that the bolt locked open on an empty chamber and closed when the magazine was rotated and a round had been fed automatically onto the feed ramp. See Details. I did not ask for it nor do I want it.Ken Sawyeer. Mike e The most common mistake among the shooters was rotating the magazine first one way and then the other—this resulted in rotating to an empty tube and not feeding more ammunition. Which is why armed forces use steel core projectiles, and probably why we good Sam citizens are prohibited from possessing them. Picatinny Rails Thus, their actions in combat will reflect their lack of knowledge and training. It’s not a bullpen, apparently, since the trigger group does not seem to be in front of the chamber. This involves being severely outnumbered, outgunned and (historically) under equipped. #4-As an old retired guy if I lived in a really bad neighborhood where the police did not respond as rapidly for what ever reason, Even for $1500 I would take the plunge and get one. Would I buy one of these myself, if I could have the chance? The lower features a metal chassis encased in a polymer housing. And it was also interesting to see in the end of the video, how the bullets made trouble of getting out of the gun. There’s a thing they do nowadays with ink on the body, I think it has been done for some time now, it’s called a tattoo. Must ask though, “Where is the forward grip?” This beast needs one. The Model 1216 has a steel receiver and a polymer stock which helps to reduce weight. Doesn’t care if it’s 13 3″ hot loads or 29 1 3/4″ Aguila minis, it just keeps on running.
I decided on a few key points about this shotgun that my testing should drive to define. Its barrel length is 13", its overall length is 27 1/2", and the detachable magazine holds 12 rounds (4 x 3 shells). Tags: military, Model 1216, shotgun, shotguns, SRM. However, it is a bit unnerving as you are quite close to the ejection port. I have also fired the ksg pump and prefer the SRM in terms of recoil, and reloading as the KSG has fixed tubes and the SRM magazines are removable, Primitive. As far as I’m concerned, a shotgun that won’t fire low power rounds makes a very poor club when pickings get slim.
Finally, durability; will this gun stand the test of time, or will it shoot itself to pieces?

No, I don’t think that should be what the designers should consider before creating a new weapon, I just can’t think, other than law enforcement, what the need is for a shotgun that has a 16 shot capacity. Yes, the trigger and handguard are slightly more forward than an average shotgun. One minor criticism of the article, giving credit to H&K for the roller-lock. We could throw in the usual arguments such as round size aka 9mm vs 45 etc but those arguments are pointless and are more personal choices than anything else. If you get the chance, try it out before knocking it! A very long time ago, I was taking a course from Mas Ayoob while he was in the process of testing a completely new pistol design. LAW ENFORCEMENT SRM 1228 Aguila Minishell. It’s way cooler…. It is probably best just to swap things over it needed. Buzz,

Overall a well done article on a gun I hope hits the streets in quantity soon. Yes the government does not need to decide what kind or how many guns I own. i know the srm 1216 is chambered for 3″ my question is do they make a 2 3/4″ model or can you shoot 2 3/4″ in the 3″ model or is 2 3/4″ round out the window? Fail. The rotary magazine features four, four-round tubes. Poor Vorgrimler! You have the ability to instantly mount sights, optics and lights that will allow you to bring the heat in almost any conditions. Seems like the first innovative shot gun in a long time. I’m still not quite sure whether we broke it or just exposed a malfunction. The magazine is suited for 2 ¾” or 3” inch shells and can handle game loads, trap loads, slugs and other specialty rounds. | Content © But I guess I’m old fashioned. Seems to me the KSG is easier to reload and has a simpler mechanism for choosing the barrel. What is the loaded weight? So what job have you ever done? I hope you don’t give credit to designs originated by Browning like that!!! The government is not good at deciding what we need (just ask an American Indian). H&K of course borrow the roller-lock from the Sturmgewehr 45 that was developed by Mauser. I agree.

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