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Everybody likes to have a choice. Search for Pizza on Amazon Grocery Price vs Diameter – Pay More, Get More. But what pizza should you get?

Feed this calculator data and it’ll show you the pizza deal with the top value. * Choose from classic margherita to spicy pepperoni or go all-out with multiple toppings and stuffed crusts, enjoy contact-free delivery or collection, and spend £30 on pizzas, sides, drinks or desserts to get 50% off pizzas. and XX-large or Jumbo - 18".

where d is the diameter of the pizza. With Meerkat Meals, you can now tuck into 50% off pizzas from Papa John’s and Pizza Hut Delivery, 7 days a week.

That's more than the turnout in 2016 presidential election! Toggle navigation. That's right - gluten-free. It's a good thing to share your joy with others. Using this formula we can make an educated decision which pizza size to choose based on But in 2012, pizza went home. The bigger pizza at Domino’s has a lower cost per square inch when you compare a regular-priced large pizza for $12.49 to a regular-priced medium for $9.99. And they order the biggest one. The mathematical formula for circle area calculation can be used to compare pizza and slice sizes. In 1987 Lorenzo Amato and Louis Piancone made a 10,000 square feet, the size of over two basketball courts, pizza in Havana, Florida.

It features a from-scratch rewrite, which includes prefilled data from the top 10 pizza chains, as well as quick-add buttons to minimize data entry and get you to your pizza faster! Firstly let’s take a look at how the pricing scales with pizza diameter – the number you look to when deciding how big a pizza you want.

Three years later in Johannesburg, South Africa a larger pizza was made from (literally) tons of flour, cheese, and tomato. There are even some people that put a pineapple on their pizza. Pizza is the empire on which the sun never sets. In Rome, Italy - the place where it all started - five men: Dovilio Nardi, Andrea Mannocchi, Marco Nardi, Matteo Nardi and Matteo Giannotte made something even better: a 13,580 square feet of cheesy, crusty and gluten-free awesomeness. Updated daily with all the latest prices from each supermarket, including promotional offers. the whole pizza by the number of slices. To begin, we calculate the square of the diameter (or just multiply the diameter value by itself), then multiply it by Pi, Its firm crusts, sweet yet spicy tomato sauce and stretchy cheese are the foundation of any house party from Tokyo to London, New York to Sydney. Tool to compare pizza deals and quickly show you which is the best value. Most pizza places offer more than just one size.

It was a win for the Italians, healthy food, but most of all - it was a glorious day for pizza. We're all different, but we are all united under the banner of pizza. Disclaimer | Comments, questions, problems. For example, the area of a Medium 12" pizza is only 56.3% of the area of a X-large 16" pizza. Don't forget to leave a tip for your pizza!

Not surprisingly the more pizza you get, the more you have to pay. Pizza conquered the whole world before the internet or cell phones had their first prototypes. As = ( θ ÷ 360 ) × 3.14159 × r 2. On the other hand, others believe that less is more, unless it's pizza.

There are not many things in life that beat that warm feeling of a full, fresh box of yummy pizza on your lap. Quite possibly you'd need to have a microwave oven of the size of Michigan Stadium.

Everyone has their own favourite kind. To compare areas of two pizzas locate the row in the table matching the first pizza and then locate the column corresponding to the second pizza. I've launched an updated tool on its own dedicated site at 60% of those pies are sold in the U.S which makes America the biggest pizza empire in the world. The area of a rectangular pizza can be determined by multiplying the length L by the width W: We calculate the true cost of an area of those pizzas, compare them and indicate which circle is cheaper. To compare areas of two pizzas locate the row in the table matching the first pizza and then locate If you won't eat it now, try microwaving it in the morning. And they love it. It's very simple - you just provide the diameter and price of a smaller and larger pizza. We’ve pulled together some rectangular pizzas that have a similar area to the circular pizzas above. Size pizza (inches) Area (inches 2) 8: 50.27 2: 10: 78.54 2: 12: 113.10 2: 14: 153.94 2: 16: 201.06 2: 18: 254.47 2: 20: 314.16 2: Square / rectangular pizzas. But some say that every day is great for hot, greasy and delicious pizza. This is where it all started; pizzerias began to be opened in almost every corner of Italy and wherever Italian emigrated.

5 billion pizzas are ordered every year on planet Earth. Use our comparison website to find your everyday items from household essentials to beauty and medical needs. If you encounter any issues with the new site, feel free to let me know. Are you wanting, how many inches across are they?

Check out 5 similar entertaining calculators, Pizza calculator - how to measure value for money, What made pizza so great?

Most common pizza sizes and their respective diameter values are: Small - 10", Medium - 12", Large - 14", X-large - 16", This is probably one of the situation when something we've learned in school can help in the real life. and then divide the result by 4.

Some want just a small one, to make sure you'll eat everything in one sitting. The calculator highlights the best deal in green automatically. Some say there is no such thing as a too big a pizza. That would take a pizza hut employee, which I’m not. For example, the area of a Medium 12" pizza is only 56.3% of the area of a X-large 16" pizza. And eat the crust. Most pizza places offer more than just one size. Don't worry: if you prefer this calculator, it will always remain available. They visited a local pizzeria and, among the many options, they got one with tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh basil.

In almost every city in the US and maybe in the entire world, you can find a pizzeria. the column corresponding to the second pizza. It's not often that you will be getting the worse deal. Our tip calculator will help you either share the bill equally or depending on number of eaten slices! You got your medium and large.

Pizza fun facts. The number located at the intersection will show the percentage value

To calculate the area of a round pizza we need two values: the number Pi which is equal to 3.14159.. and the diameter or size of We can't argue with that. Click the units (in or cm) to toggle between metric/imperial (conversion is performed). There are 70,000 pizzerias in the U.S, which means there is one pizzeria for every 4500 people. On the other hand, others believe that less is more, unless it's pizza. For many years, pizza was the basic meal for poor citizens of Italy. Before you go visit your next supermarket, compare the prices here first. Italians not only made an attempt at beating the Guinness World Record but also decided it promoted conscious diet. In 1905, the first pizzeria was opened in New York but it mainly attracted fellow Italians. The table above shows different pizza sizes listed as the rows and columns headers, corresponding area values, and what percent We've developed a pizza calculator that helps everybody make the right choice. This page will help you calculate and compare areas of two pizzas of different sizes. Compare over 10,000 products and 2,000 brands from supermarkets and shops across the UK. Some want just a small one, to make sure you'll eat everything in one sitting. the area of one pizza is of the area of another. Alternatively, if the number of slices the pizza was cut into is known, the area of a slice can be calculated by dividing the area of

That pepperoni pizza was cut into over 94 thousand slices which fed over 30 thousand people. of the area of the first pizza compared to the area of the second one. Use this pizza price comparison to help you decide. About; Projects (current) Contact me; Get more pizza for less dough. But life is like a box of pizza - always full of surprises (but mostly yummy ones). That's even more than the number of cities in America, at least according to the Census Bureau (19,354). New pizza calculator available! Everybody likes to have a choice. I've launched an updated tool on its own dedicated site at Pizza had to wait until after the World War II, after American soldiers tasted pizza on Italian soil, to become a universally acclaimed super-food. It's not hard to guess why; pizza is easy to make, full of carbs and soul-satisfyingly delicious. Square inches: Cost per sq. And eat the crust.

But you might have problems with microwaving those behemoths that compete for the status of the biggest pizza ever made. After Italy's unification, King Umberto I and Queen Margherita visited the south of Italy in 1889.

What changed its status was a royal visit in Naples, the hometown of pizza. For fellow maximizers out there, here is a tool to trim your decision tree. Many love the look and taste of a fresh pepperoni pizza; its red meat slices sprinkled over hot, baked mozzarella. We've developed a pizza calculator that helps everybody make the right choice. Naturally, it will also tell you how much you should tip for your delicious meal. central angle θ between sides (in degrees): Most of those slices are eaten on Super Bowl Sunday when 58% of Americans order pizza. According to, every second Americans eat 350 slices of pizza. the amount of pizza and/or relative cost. Many Neapolitans went to the U.S. Others prefer veggies: spinach, onions, mushrooms, maybe some fresh peppers. And they order the biggest one. We did our own experiments (tasty experiments) - in most cases, our pizza calculator says that the larger pizza is cheaper. It all started, obviously, in Italy. It was round, not square like the one in Havana, and had a diameter of a whopping 123 feet and was, according to our pizza calculator, 11,825 sq ft big.

They wanted to eat something local. But its long-running special of two medium two-topping pizzas for $5.99 each changes everything. The number located at the intersection will show the percentage value of the area of the first pizza compared to the area of the second one. A = L × W, To calculate the area of a slice we need to know the length r of the slice side (the radius of the pizza) and the The legend says the royal pair liked it because this pizza colours resembled the colours of the Italian flag. We’ve calculated the area of some of the more common pizza sizes for a quick reference. The formula to calculate the area A of a round pizza is displayed below: A = 3.14159 × d 2 ÷ 4 So everyone started calling this pizza "margherita", after the Queen. the pizza.

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