phobos 2 conspiracy

The remote viewers aren’t the only ones who spoke of such an incident.

The opinions and viewpoints expressed on the. Our potential as a race is limitless.

The Mars orbiter had returned 38 images with a resolution of up to 40 meters - before the strange event caused a failure and it was lost forever. This is because in March 2020, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued a declaration under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act, or PREP Act, that broadens immunity for COVID vaccine makers, protecting them “against any claim of loss caused by, arising out of, relating to, or resulting from the manufacture, distribution, administration or use of medical countermeasures,” including vaccines. Phobos II was (from what we’re told), the very last space probe designed by the Soviet Union. Three weeks ago I published an article about “The Great Barrington Declaration.” At the time of publication, the declaration had approximately 34,000 signatures from doctors & scientists from around the world opposing lockdown measures as a way to combat COVID-19, something the declaration describes as less dangerous than influenza.

A large portion also believes that intelligent extraterrestrial life has, and could still be, visiting our planet.

Eventually the citizenry simply won’t comply, on a mass scale. (source). Apparently Russian Cosmonauts saw this Pyramid and was trying to reach it or engage it through communication? The probe was also supposed to approach Phobos within 50 meters and release two landers, but all of a sudden, the mission ended and contact with the probe was completely lost. Mainstream media has the ability, I believe, to make the majority seem like the minority and the minority seem like the majority. The letter is signed by 20 doctors and professors of medicine from faculties at the University of Toronto, McMaster University and the University of Ottawa and from hospitals such as Sick Kids. According to Reuters and other news reports, researchers believed the culprit behind the injuries caused by the GSK H1N1 vaccine was GSK’s AS03 adjuvant, added to the vaccine to stimulate a powerful immune response. The human race is not stupid, I like to think we have the ability, ourselves, to look at information if we are interested and have the capacity to use reason and intuition to think for ourselves.

A Collective Evolution Podcast About The Face on Mars & Strange Structures on The Moon – What’s Going On Up There? Collective Evolution.

️‍♂️‍, Mars is home to martians, and we boldly come to their homes and investigate this and that. Intelligent beings from other star systems have been and are visiting our planet Earth. Phobos program was an unmanned space mission consisting of two probes launched by the Soviet Union to study Mars and its moons Phobos and Deimos. Well, whatever it was the Russians haven't been back.

We now have a digital authoritarian Orwellian “fact-checker” that’s patrolling the internet telling people what is and what isn’t. A recovered Alien nicknamed Mona Lisa because of how she looked to the Astronauts. Ronald B. Again, these perspectives receives\ nothing but ridicule from the mainstream media. Cool Interesting Stuff (Unexplained Mysteries), A Black Cube UFO Hurtles Out Of A Portal Over Texas, The Best UFO Sightings Footage Ever Caught On Film Or Video, Huge Stargate Portal Or Alien Spaceship Taking Off Terrifies A City, Pyramid UFO Menacingly Stalking The Helpless ISS Video, Interdimensional Entities Are Visiting Us Confirms The FBI - UPDATED VIDEO, Massive UFO The Size of a Planet on NASA's Stereo Telescope Satellite, White UFO Is Inches Away From The ISS In Bizarre Footage, Apocalyptic Trumpet Sounds From Mountain in China VIDEO FOOTAGE, UFO Mothership Releasing A Metallic Sphere Drone, This Looks Like Animals On Mars In NASA Images, "Dinosaurs and humans may have lived together after a shock find in ancient temple carvings". Why is there so much information that contradicts other information? These are programs that are so secretive that they are exempt from standard reporting requirements to Congress. A monolith is a geological feature consisting of a single massive piece of rock. It has inspired all manner of alien-based conspiracy theories and this fascinating discussion on Reddit. The panic that surrounded H1N1 swine flu and the subsequent rush to get vaccinated was in part driven by inflated and widely disseminated models which incorrectly predicted thousands upon thousands of people would die from the flu. So it begs the question, what if anything could be the answer to this decades long anomaly? When it comes to the UFO phenomenon, it’s not really taboo to discuss anymore. This has been made clear, not only by those who have investigated black budget programs (not many, more on that in the article linked above), but also by whistle-blowers, and people like Gary Mckinnon, who performed the largest military computer hack in history, finding strange pictures of space-ships floating near the Earth, as well as a list of “off-world officers” and “fleet to fleet” transfers of materials. So, what happened to Phobos II? It’s common to hear mainstream media claim that our top health experts are encouraging global lockdown measures, and some have, but it doesn’t seem to be the majority.

Brown, Ph.D., from the School of Public Health and Health Systems at the University of Waterloo recently stated that the COVID-19 fatality rate is the “worst miscalculation in the history of humanity.”. Recently Released UFO Sighting Near Area 51 Must B... UFO Taking Off From Mountain Witness Reaction Is Real, UFO Coming Out Of A Wormhole Spotted On Skycam Today, UFO Which Has Raised My Hopes For UFO Disclosure. Who put that there?'". After being struck, Phobos II spiralled down crashing onto the Martian surface. These actual images are not speculation but what is on them, is speculation. Your support is essential to CHD’s successful mission.

We don’t need a fact-checker doing that for us, in my opinion. Why? It seemed truly anomalous and therefore something that one might put in the evidence bin for alien contact.

The episode can be found and downloaded here. It may appear as a majority opinion given the fact that mainstream media constantly beams out this narrative, while ignoring and ridiculing anyone who claims the opposite. Who is right or wrong doesn’t matter here. How will the idea that we are being visited and have been visited, for many years, by beings from other planets and/or dimensions impact human consciousness?

There are many... Phobos 2, probably the most interesting probe in human history because of it's encounter with a huge Alien Mothership shaped like a cigar. Why would she be lying? This echoes the sentiments of many others during this crises, yet governments still have the authority to mandate measures they deem fit, it doesn’t seem to matter that there are many in the field who disagree with these measures. The clip suggests that the Air Force knew what these objects were. Click here to help! Is a TR3B actually an unknown aircraft or a UFO or is it a known aircraft. - The Phobos-Grunt Conspiracy - Is The Russian Spacecraft, A Biological Weapon? Paul Flynn, the vice chairman of the Council of Europe’s European Health Committee, said of the H1N1 swine flu debacle: “The world has been subjected to a stunt by the greed of the pharmaceutical companies.”. Get inside access to Collective Evolution by becoming a member of CETV. That’s not the most interesting monolith on Phobos.

Evidence suggests a possible alien encounter.

It’s worth a listen. One thing seems clear – someone or something continues to operate far outside Earth.

You can read more about that and access their resources and reasoning here. The Phobos 2 last transmitted images. Image Credit Secureteam10 The research that Secureteam10 did with the image is done by bringing out the features of the craft hidden o... u/riangle UFO Sighting from a shocked eye witness, that is absolutely stunning to look at because of it's unusual looking shape.

The Great Barrington Declaration was largely ignored, ridiculed, and the doctors/scientists who support it were not given an opportunity to respond, nor have they been given any air time on any mainstream media network. Phobos is a small, irregularly shaped object with a mean radius of 11 km and is seven times as massive as the outer moon, Deimos. In 1991, a retired Soviet Air Force colonel and cosmonaut trainee named Marina Popovic, pictured belw on the far right, expressed that one of the last photographs received by the Russians from Phobos II showed “the silhouette of an odd-shaped object approaching the spacecraft.” Popovich said the picture was taken on March 25th, 1989, in deep space near Phobos (moon of Mars) shortly before contact with the craft was lost. Could it be that something on Mars doesn’t want us observing the planet?

Why should Big Tech companies, who have many political ties, have the right to manipulate the perception of the masses with regards to certain topics? It was launched on July 12th, 1988, and entered into orbit on January 29th, 1989. Back to Phobos, according to Mars, the remote viewers said that “this may have been no accident, as it seems that all of the technology put into space from Earth is scrutinized closely by nonhumans. The Exposing Pseudo-Astronomy podcast recently posted an interesting critique / debunking of the Phobos 2 story. These are apparently sand dunes covered in subliming seasonal frost in Spring (whatever that means lol)? Sign up for free news and updates from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the Children’s Health Defense. The Phobos 2 last transmitted images. The phenomenon is real, and that really can’t be debunked or argued against.

When it comes to the extraterrestrial hypothesis for the explanation of some of these UFOs, we have hundreds of high-ranking people from within the military, politics, aerospace, and education sector who have been telling the world that yes, some of these UFOs are indeed extraterrestrial space-craft. The most alarming data point was a five-fold increase in deaths among those who received Pandemrix, compared with people who received H1N1 swine flu vaccines that didn’t contain the adjuvant. Phobos II was (from what we’re told), the very last space probe designed by the Soviet Union. Why do we continue to rely on mainstream sources and government recommendations to take the best course of action for the citizenry when a common theme from these entities is disinformation and perception manipulation?

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