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Surgical morbidity, hernia recurrence, postoperative pain medication used, and return to normal activities.

Because of the plug being inverted like this, the pelvic pressures help the umbrella open up into a flat space. The modified technique consisted of placing the mesh plug into the preperitoneal space and suture fixation of the plug using the inner petals. In an attempt to confirm and possibly improve on these excellent results, we switched from laparoscopic and Lichtenstein repairs to a modified mesh-plug hernioplasty in 1997. 0000024995 00000 n For types IV and V hernias, the transversalis fascia at the base of the hernia was circumferentially incised to allow the plug to be placed into the preperitoneal space. Gynecology, Thumbnails, We also participated in a phase 3 trial recently of giving patients the night before Vioxx [rofecoxib] and then using a COX-2 inhibitor IV during the procedure and sending them home on a COX-2 inhibitor.

0000123050 00000 n Pediatric Surgery, Patients were also required to return at 1 year for evaluation and physical examination.  CB Inguinal and femoral hernioplasty: anatomic repair. Notes: From the Department of General Surgery, Rush-Presbyterian-St Luke's Medical Center, Chicago, Ill. Dr Millikan is a member of the Speaker's Bureau for Davol, Inc, Cranston, RI. Do you think it makes any difference which brand or type of plug is used? Biliary/Pancreatic, An onlay mesh was also placed on the inguinal floor to reinforce adjacent areas of the inguinal floor not presently affected by the hernia.

4. I'm not sure, Dr Landercasper.

Are your outcomes reproducible?

Mean operative time was 25 minutes; mean recovery room time, 45 minutes. Biliary/Pancreatic, One thousand twenty-five men and 31 women (mean age, 49 years) with primary unilateral inguinal hernias that were surgically repaired between May 1, 1997, and November 1, 2001.

Where are the women? 73-75 The procedure is performed with the patient under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation, which avoids the general anesthesia required in laparoscopic repairs.

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Five patients (0.5%) required treatment for persistent postoperative pain. Clinical Folios: 0000003358 00000 n

Robbins Click the "Update" button to save your Notes and Personal Thumbnails. 0000019613 00000 n We believe this tension-free modification reduces medial induced rectus muscle spasm, which accounts for most pain after inguinal mesh hernioplasty or tissue-to-tissue herniorrhaphy. One thousand thirteen patients (95.9%) returned to normal activities within 3 days. In addition to opening the transversalis fascia, the preperitoneal fat is pushed back off the lacunar ligament to expose pectineal ligament up to the external iliac vessels.

0000012056 00000 n Zollinger's Atlas of Surgical Operations, 10e.

If the patient was done under local anesthesia, he or she can be asked to cough. The wound was closed in layers. I have not had a deep vein thrombosis. The transition stitch can be used to narrow the internal end of the femoral canal, and the McVay has thus been commonly used as one way to repair a femoral hernia defect.

Now, it is a very small incision, and I can say we don't look for incidental hernias like the laparoscopic surgeons do when they do their laparoscopic repairs.

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© 2020 American Medical Association. The medial sutures approximate falx to Cooper's.

Genitourinary,  JMMarre At present, no patient has required reexploration for mesh removal or nerve transection. What is the age range?

The following tabulation lists the types of hernias encountered according to the classification by Gilbert22: Pantaloon hernias were categorized by the dominant type of the 2 hernias present.

Our 3-day return to normal activities and only a 16.0% use of postoperative prescription pain medication gives us proof of this hypothesis. This is the original plug that was on the market.

Shearburn Genitourinary,



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 JBLaws All 465 manual laborers returned to work without restriction on postoperative day 14. What is the success and failure rate of others with this technique? Manual laborers are allowed to return to work without restriction in 2 weeks. Now = new Date(); This is the only one in my estimation that allows me to suture the inside petals and have an underlay preperitoneal that is not inverted. Soft Tissue/Sarcoma,   •  Privacy Policy

 KA Complications associated with the plug-and-patch method of inguinal herniorrhaphy. Prospective analysis of 1056 patients who underwent primary unilateral inguinal hernioplasty. 330 81 We included 642 indirect and 414 direct hernias.

I also wanted to separate it from Drs Rutkow and Robbins' repair. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Strangulated Femoral Hernia, McVay Repair: 7. ?�t"��N���ըXr�J8C������BJJn@ ��I�b���* Hernia type was determined at the time of operation.

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