lan sizhui and jin ling

He is consequently a disaster brat but also brave, loyal, and resilient, ultimately capable of looking back on the clusterfuck that destroyed his family with forgiveness. Recuerde si quieren…, Comics - Fanarts Los mini comcs , manga y doujinshi no soy mios. Though at first Jin Ling was at first rude to Lan Sizhui, the latter's kindness led to their close friendship. Web Series Jiang Cheng whipped "Mo Xuanyu" with Zidian in an attempt to expel his soul from Mo Xuanyu's body, but this failed as Wei Wuxian had not actually possessed Mo Xuanyu. Audio Drama (JP) During the Second Siege of the Burial Mounds, her bloodied Fierce Corpse seemed to recognize Lan Sizhui as her grandson, as she reached out to touch his face. The only good thing about the way you died was that it spared Jin Ling the hating yourself for caring about Wei Wuxian merry-go-round, but I guess we’ve fucked that up for him now. Once the ghost of A-Qing arrived outside the shop, Lan Sizhui reacted with terror.

Episode 1

[15] With the help of Lan Sizhui, Jin Ling, and the other unaffected juniors, Wei Wuxian prepared an extremely spicy rice congee to cure the juniors' corpse poisoning of juniors. Please don’t die. He explained that he had regained several memories when he saw Chenqing in Wei Wuxian's hand. As the Goddess Statue advanced, the juniors fled and encountered Wei Wuxian once more. sizhui: just look sorrowful and leave the room, sizhui: and refuse to make eye contact until he bribes you with rabbits, also it consistently fucks me up how in a happy au they kind of lose their parents, hear me out jin ling is obviously being raised by yanli and zixuan and i'm sure is very close with jiang cheng but it is not the same, sizhui meanwhile is either with his original parents (not really, and possibly some combination of jiang cheng and wei wuxian depending on what goes down and whether combs are accepted, like there's really no reason for lan wangji to be raising him unless everything has gone horribly irrevocably wrong, whatever i will have a-yuan being raised by a village that includes lan wangji, it flows naturally from everyone getting their shit together, honestly though i think yanli is tolerating exactly 0%of that bullshit, she was a kid when they pulled that with her brothers, be nice to my son and nephew or lose access, wwx and jc pretend not to be crying about it but they're crying about it, jin ling being 13 in the books is both hilarious and horrifying to me, not that it's great if your sixteen year old is off confronting mass murderers and getting into it with goddesses but considering, but that is an age where parents just have to hold on and pray i think, cw:my own desperate attempts to thread the line between talking about a fictional situation i find fascinating, suggesting that kids deserve anything other than unconditional freely expressed love and support, honestly i think there's a decent change that jiang cheng also believes it, but i would not bring it up with him to find out, one of the fun/frustrating things about the second life is that, we're much more tightly in wei wuxian's pov, there's usually a diegetic reason for leaving it, or random characters we've never met before, but besides that it's just jiang cheng's flashback at the end, anyways since wwx spends much of the second life, and losing his shit because his brother is alive again, but i don't think even he expected those two things, that being said he did leave them alone together, and was actually pretty chill about the carp tower reuinion, like thirty seconds after jiang cheng had specifically told him not to do that, that kid has u wrapped around his little finger and the things u want are not the things u want to want, jin ling has many uncles but one uncle-dad, i'm generally very chill about other people's, but if u hate this little darling and his glorious little face, my theory is that jin ling knows full well what happened but he also knows that if jiang cheng ever finds out he's gonna be grounded until, he dies and then his spirit will continue to be grounded for at least two reincarnations so he's very deliberately not bringing it up.

After dying from the injuries he sustained, the nameless hero had returned to search for the tongue he lost during his feat. Age Emotionally speaking, they're friends >>>> some form of cousin. Audio Drama (CN) Web Series

He is close friends with Lan Sizhui and Jin Ling. 16

Jin Ling est le fils de Jiang Yanli et Jin Zixuan, ce qui fait de lui à la fois un membre de la secte Lanling Jin et Yunmeng Jiang.

After tying it around Young Master Qin's neck, the servant's corpse departed at last.

[17] [18], Ouyang Zizhen was another of the junior cultivators who frequently joined Lan Sizhui, Lan Jingyi, and Jin Ling. Precocious as he is, I wouldn’t even put him in the pre-twinklers class yet. Once the juniors uncovered that their ghost was a man who willingly placed himself under the control of the "Hook Hand" to kill him. [15] However, to their dismay, they began discovering dead cats wherever they went.

She invented the infamous Chord Assassination technique, and was responsible for guarding a piece of the Stygian Iron (Chinese: 阴铁).

All but Lan Wangji had been knocked unconscious, and while Wei Wuxian entered the watchtower to suppress the arm, Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi stayed outside to watch over an injured disciple. Courtesy Name

Bueno no~ solo es para pasar el rato, The latest Tweets from 먉☘ (@__myark).

I don’t want him to be fucked up about you like I’m fucked up about you.

Is it an inheritable condition? There’s nothing saying he couldn’t do that at eighteen, of course, but it did make me think he was considered old enough to make that kind of choice for himself without it interrupting or disrupting his education. [6], At the Burial Mounds, Wen Yuan clung to Wen Ning's leg soon after the restoration of his consciousness as a Fierce Corpse, and Wen Ning looked after the child along with the rest of the remnants of the Qishan Wen Sect. In canon, they are close friends. [23] Although frightened, Lan Jingyi and Lan Sizhui obeyed Wei Wuxian's commands to stay still until both of the Jades of Lan arrived to subdue the corpse, although they shouted for Lan Wangji to save them. Ouyang Zizhen and Lan Jingyi intervened, and Lan Sizhui ultimately apologized for his wording. Live-Action Actor

Height 172 cm He made a miserable nuisance of himself and threw every ounce of political capital he had and the threat of inflicting himself on Carp Tower on a terrifyingly regular basis at eking out a byzantine custody agreement that doubles as an official treaty.


But Jin Ling is refered to as WWX and JC's nephew. 16 [27], After Su She was revealed as the culprit behind the loss of the adults' spiritual powers, Lan Sizhui and the juniors who still had powers joined the fight to aid Wen Ning. [4], After reuniting during the Second Siege of the Burial Mounds, Wen Ning recognized that Lan Sizhui bore a strong resemblance to his cousin, who had been the father of Wen Yuan. [35], Lan Sizhui added that they continued to meet up with their fellow juniors, including Jin Ling, for night-hunting. While Sizhui was only thinking about getting Jin Ling medical attention Jin Ling, now that he was hugging Sizhui he was realizing how muscular the older boy was underneath the loose robes. jin ling is an angel jin ling has never done anything wrong in his life . See more ideas about Sztuka anime, Anime, Sztuka. Given how many half-uncles and aunts Jin Ling has on his father’s side of the family, the Lanling gossip mill, and the once widespread rumours that Wei Wuxian is actually Jiang Fengmian’s illegitimate son there’s a decent chance that Jin Ling grew up just kind of knowing that sometimes your bad uncle gets murdery and then everyone talks shit about him forever.

Personal Information Fortunately this is a universe where body swap is at least a possibility and magical boarding school/summer camp is a thing so they still have the option of swapping places to the confusion and frustration of their guardians!

[23], Unfortunately, the Fierce Corpse reassembled itself at that time. Episode 1 However, in the temple of the Goddess Statue, Lan Sizhui witnessed a cultivator's soul taken away and Jin Ling's wish for the entity to appear before him. [2] He was thus a father figure to Lan Sizhui, and even buried him in a pile of rabbits as a child. With the help of Lan Sizhui, Jin Ling, and the other unaffected juniors, Wei Wuxian prepared an extremely spicy rice congee to cure the juniors' corpse poisoning of juniors. 172 cm Also doesn't WWX calls JC and JYL by martial brother/martial sister. Les pido de todo corazón no denunciar. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [10], Wei Wuxian assisted Lan Sizhui's attempts to reason his way through the fact that the Goddess Statue was the soul-stealing entity, before summoning Wen Ning to defeat her. I thought WWX stayed a Wei out of respect to his mother and father. He managed to survive hidden in a tree stump.

Fuck you.

He does take off at the end for an extended roadtrip with a zombie who is not from their clan of his own volition!

WWX was never really adopted. [32], Once Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji eloped, Lan Sizhui and Wen Ning rushed after them.

I'm confused because it does seem like Sizhui and Jin Ling would be cousins. 蓝愿 – Lán Yuàn蓝 lán – blue愿 yuàn – honest, hope/desire温苑 - Wēn Yuàn温 wēn – lukewarm苑 yuàn – park

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