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Hey Fernando, thanks for the PASS. He left @TheYoungTurks network today but he did it with incredible grace. Thank you.

And spies everywhere So afraid of the Russians Peace. [11] Dore cited a retracted Fox News story to substantiate his claims, and continued to insist that there were “a lot of red flags” and there “is probably something more to this story” including after the Fox News retraction. Put everyone to work [21], 2016 Democratic Party presidential primaries, conspiracy theories over the murder of Seth Rich, Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, "Great Britain Explained in a Way That Makes Sense", "Almost No One Is Watching Morning Cable News", "Comedian Jimmy Dore: TiVo to Mac to stage", "Why The Young Turks, and their viewers, love Bernie Sanders", "Does Hillary Clinton really need Elizabeth Warren on the ticket? And we can get Ron one that says Gingers have no souls, with an unflattering trump pic underneath it?

So…Why Bernie? I say NOGO! This elevates Israel’s Missouri Rights to being more important than Missouri/Missourians Missouri rights. I am with you Fred. I particularly like seeing you – you know, the whole representativity-identity, oftentimes BS politics – cause I look a lot like you and it’s sooo nice to see someone who looks like me on TV! my heart is so wanting to do something meaningful like what you guys are doing. Overall vote is up.

<3 (& who represents my political views too ofc) Bernie I’m not worried about climate change. Spies everywhere Seriously who has a Mexican on their panel even once a week? [16][17] Dore responded by retweeting criticism of claims of biased reporting. http://amp.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/article210152439.html. You do amazing work! When the media continues to ask campaign staff and surrogates about this and they don’t have a good answer, it continues to push that narrative. Clean up rivers and lakes With trump being in office, I started to learn about politics and I haven’t looked back. I think you’ll find my Twitter timeline worth a look: None of the bigger news outlets will touch it. The Norwegian International Short Film Festival. [16] That same year, Dore argued that the chemical weapons attack on the opposition-held town of Khan Sheikhun was likely to have been a "false flag," orchestrated by groups opposed to Bashar al-Assad. Jimmy and I are crazy about Brownie. "[13], In 2018, an article published in CNN described Dore's show as "a far-left YouTube channel that peddles conspiracy theories, such as the idea that Syrian chemical weapons attacks are hoaxes". If you compare the youth turnout overall numbers from 2016 to youth turnout overall numbers from 2020, it is up 20%. I should say, I did, via email, mention it to JD and RP too. Take care!

And I believe that you are showing us that yes, we are ready. Tanks on the border of Europe

[20], In a July 2020 video, Dore erroneously said Joe Biden "hosted a black face affair with a bunch of rich white people" before Dore showed an altered clip which darkened the face of black singer Jerome Powell. ", "Hillary Presidency Worse For Progressives & America Than Trump", "Some on the left want Democrats to move on from Russian hacking", "A Conspiracy Made in America May Have Been Spread by Russia", "Analysis | The Seth Rich conspiracy shows how fake news still works", "Tale of 2 hoaxes: The Seth Rich conspiracy theory and "Conceptual Penis" prank both expose a fear of women's power", "The Young Turks - 05.20.14: Fracking, Common Core-Tests, Karl Rove, Sarah Palin, GM Recall & Guns", "Exclusive: YouTube ran ads from hundreds of brands on extremist channels", "Ads also appeared on The Jimmy Dore Show channel, a far-left YouTube channel that peddles conspiracy theories, such as the idea that Syrian chemical weapons attacks are hoaxes."
Sorry, one last thing, please ask President Sanders to establish a commission tasked with “rehabilitating” the legacies and general appreciation of all the heroes like Debs who were squashed by the corporate controlled Deep State over the history of our great Republic. In June 2009, he began producing The Jimmy Dore Show, a weekly one-hour comedic look at the news, which originates at KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles, airs nationally on the Pacifica Radio Network. I’m glad he was elected because it’s easy now to make the point (thank you Jimmy Dore) that he’s only a symptom of a larger problem, the corruptocracy of the Democratic Party Leadership. I have the names, addresses, phone numbers, political and collegiate affiliations of the 9 people in the U.S. who synthesized and created a human form of Coronavirus in a virology department in the South in 2015. The Vienna Film Festival’s; Focus symposium program for the International Humanitarian submissions. I pray I’ll get to see you someday. Thank you for all the work that you do.

She could have said most people in MI don’t want it which polling showed was true. And I believe in all the people in this room tonight. To empower authority back to the people 81. And then one day JD was asked to appear as a guest host on TYT and BAM we took off. Warm regards, Stef. We would do live shows all over Los Angeles. He’s the only progressive I can learn anything from these days. Admittedly, I do not know the logistics involved with such an undertaking, but I believe you guys have the clout to pull it off. I also make custom sweaters and pajamas for all sizes of dogs and would love to make one for Brownie if he gets cold. I just love the sincerity that you, Jimmy and Ron display on the YouTube videos. Here’s my International award winning and acclaimed short film. Rico has a good shot of winning with our people powered campaign but could use your support. 20% copay. Michelle Jones I am a subscriber and fan of the Jimmy Dore Show, and have become a great admirer of You, Ron, and Jimmy. Maybe if you could get in touch with Jimmy he could help with reaching out to Joe (you could also try get to Jimmy through Ron Placone, Steff Zamorano, Graham Elwood and other regulars on his podcast).”. I listened walking my baby daughter in her stroller. Hey Tim, thanks for stopping by. I am saddened because the Dem party has hand-picked and are promoting a moderate neo-liberal who takes GoldmanSach money and does not support Medicare for All! The lab should be surrounded immediately and the evidence seized.
Cheers To President Sanders. When right to work passed in the lame duck session in Michigan, she was a state senator. Everybody knows Stefane Zamorano by … It gives me hope that we will figure out how to unite to make a stronger more vibrant country.

Hey Lou & Jeff, thanks so much! It is up. It’s refreshing to learn the truth about these people. Hola Annelise, I totally get what you’re saying. Thanks for being you. Though I think will you like. In my opinion, Joe can’t stop stumbling/bumbling while trying articulate a position because he’s always regurgitating poll tested focus group research mixed with meaningless anecdotes ( I f$%*ing hate anecdotes ). And five minutes after the “Feel Good Fest,” it will be all over and NOTHING will have resulted. Big fan of your hard work, and your knowledge of education that seeps through on the show. After performing a few years at The Groundlings Stef continued doing sketch comedy at ACME Comedy Theater. Perot in 1992, because I could understand the simple points he hammered out. Can I help you please? I actually think Bernie could make an honest man out of Jimmy by appointing him as White House Press Secretary, but I’ve gone way past the consideration limit of my measly $270 contribution. 4 Dore Productions Today is Sunday, August 30, 2020. Find a cure for disease Shahid Buttar WoW is this guy on our page or WHAT???!!!! We met so many great folks.

Youth vote 2016: 42% of overall turnout 1,410,641= 592,469 Curious- who’s responsible for hosing JD down with the fire extinguisher after he’s been on a roll? Page 516 forward to chapter end. And plant a lot of trees, I’d like to help the sick We need to firmly respond to that question about youth turnout with numbers that we’ve already delivered. I can’t sleep at night So today Bernie, I earnestly believe that we Americans are ready to get to work. Hi Stef, the Green party may have their equivalent to Debbie Wasserman Schultz: http://restoregreenvalues.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Case_to_Remove_Andrea_05aaa-full-doc-01_Complaint.pdf, She was instrumental in picking Howie, and blocking Jesse, whom she referred to as a GI Joe. It just got released and it’s a positive spin on the recent college admissions scam problem. Welfare? He has eleven siblings. Glenn Greenwald resigned from The Intercept today because of this: Article on Joe and Hunter Biden Censored By The Intercept. I work with a local rescue ASAP (Animal Support And Placement) as a transporter and occasional foster. [15] In September 2019, the investigative journalism site Bellingcat reported that Dore had received $2,500 from The Association for Investment in Popular Action Committees in 2017, described by Bellingcat as a pro-Assad lobby group. Oh, we were in Chicago and did a live stream from the hotel room. They worked with 2 scientists from a biological warfare lab located 280 yards away from the Chinese market where the virus supposedly started. We just kinda kling to each other like a couple of people lost in a red sea, hanging onto a floating port-a-potty. But what is rather clear from other polls and my own anecdotal experiences is that Hawley has a large lead with the religious (Christian) voter base.

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